New PDF release: 2061: Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey, Book 3)

By Arthur C. Clarke

One of the 35 book (digital-only) 2012 RosettaBooks releases comprising the whole Arthur C. Clarke Collection.

The 3rd ebook in Clarke's loved Space Odyssey sequence, 2061: Odyssey Three returns to Heywood Floyd, survivor of 2 prior encounters with the mysterious monoliths and the alien intelligences in the back of them. Floyd is selected as one in every of a handful of megastar visitors to witness the 1st manned landing at the floor of Halley's Comet at the privately-owned spaceship Universe.

But the landing isn't fated to move as deliberate. On Jupiter's moon Europa, which has gone through a metamorphosis after occasions on the finish of 2010: Odyssey Two, scientists have noticed the surprising progress of a huge, asymmetrical mountain decided to be one unmarried huge, immense diamond—a fragment of Jupiter's middle. The Universe's sister send, Galaxy, is hijacked and compelled to crash into Europa's ocean—and the Universe is diverted from its unique venture to rescue the crew.

In this ebook, Heywood Floyd needs to once more live on an come across with...

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