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By Clellan Stearns Ford

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Best gay & lesbian books

Download e-book for iPad: Dayneford's library: American homosexual writing, 1900-1913 by James Gifford

The trendy gay is usually noticeable as having emerged absolutely shaped out of the Oscar Wilde trials. This paintings disputes the sort of view, proposing photographs of homosexuality in early 20th-century American literature and trying to identify the meanings of homosexuality as then understood by means of homosexuals.

Download e-book for iPad: Border Sexualities, Border Families in Schools (Curriculum, by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

The 1st e-book of its style the world over, Border Sexualities, Border households in colleges explores the studies of bisexual scholars, combined sexual orientation households, and polyamorous households in faculties. For the 1st time, a e-book foregrounds the voices and studies of those scholars and households who're 'falling into the gaps' or at the borders of a school's gay/straight divide in anti-homophobia regulations and courses, and colleges spotting households as that means both heterosexual undefined, or, more and more, gay undefined.

Transvestism, transsexualism in the psychoanalytic dimension by Giovanna Ambrosio PDF

'From time to time we hearken to a few curious perspectives on psychoanalysis as an quaint and lifeless self-discipline, extra very important from an old point of view than as a device for knowing human lifestyles in its common and pathological dimensions, in addition to an efficient healing tool. This publication on transsexualism and transvestism indicates precisely how psychoanalysis can mirror, talk about, discussion and formulate necessary insights on the most not easy events that these days confront all contributors of the psychological health and wellbeing group.

Read e-book online Atmosphere, Mood, Stimmung : On a Hidden Potential of PDF

What are many of the atmospheres or moods that the examining of literary works can set off? Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht has lengthy argued that the functionality of literature isn't really lots to explain, or to re-present, as to make current. right here, he is going one step extra, exploring the substance and truth of language as a fabric component to the world—impalpable tricks, tones, and airs that, up to they're elusive, aren't any much less concerns of tangible truth.

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If he craned his neck too much, it might look like desire to the Dutch couple. Longing, Dennis maintained, has a uniform look that transcends cultures, as did any uncontrollable urge of the senses: pleasure, frustration, fear. Down the narrow passage, examining compartment after compartment, the girl with the small suitcase came. She looked in on Dennis and the Dutch, smiled, and entered. Why? Couldn’t she find another seat? Dennis wondered. The train was nearly empty. Perhaps she could smell the clean air in here, and surmised that the three 39 of them didn’t smoke, or would mostly be quiet.

So she squirts holy water on the vampire and his skin is burning and he’s shrieking, but he still hangs on. ’” 25 Say fuck, thought Dennis, or even damn. But Rigo never swore. Dennis believed certain good and beautiful things in the world coexisted with—required— obscenity. Behind him, Sue the nurse breezed in. Her hello to Rigo and Dennis was sunny but vacant, a pretty, rentable apartment. This was the second time in his life Dennis had seen her. The first time was when he came in to have his blood drawn for the test.

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