Bio-weapon (Doom Star, Book 2) by Vaughn Heppner PDF

By Vaughn Heppner

People are the warheads in a deadly contest of missiles vs. long-range beams in deep space.

The determined Homo sapiens of Earth release their experimental beamship. It’s ultra-tracking and step forward expertise permits it to out-range the Doom Stars.

The Highborn wish that send. They ship swarms of missiles, realizing few will achieve it. within the nosecones are their mystery weapons—Free Earth Corps heroes from the Japan Campaign.

Launched from the large missiles like shells in a shotgun, Marten Kluge and his neighbors needs to experience their torps into the particle shields and typhoon aboard the beamship or die within the chilly vacuum of space.

BIO-WEAPON is the tale of a suicide-ride to hell via a techno snowfall. BIO-WEAPON is an entire novel, 85,000 phrases in size via Vaughn Heppner, Writers of the longer term winner, Vol. IX.

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She gestured in sign language, quick little motions of finger and wrist. ’ Garro stiffened. Psykers? This was the first he had heard of such a threat on the jorgalli ship, and he noted that only Typhon did not seem surprised at such news. ‘I trust that the full importance of this endeavor is impressed upon each of you,’ continued the Death Lord, his low tones strong. ‘These jorgall repeatedly enter our space in their generation ships, intent on spawning over worlds that belong to the Emperor. ’ He turned away, his face disappearing into his cloak.

The primarch had spoken, and his was voice enough. TWO Assault Brothers and Sisters Message in a Bottle THE THRUST OF the heavy assault boat’s engines was a hammer to their bones, pressing the Astartes into the acceleration racks. Garro held his muscles tense against the powerful g-forces and let his gaze wander over the interior of the clamshell doors that formed the bow of the boarding ship. Intricate scrollwork spread across the inner face of the doors, charting the countless actions the craft had been involved in.

I think I lost it on an ice moon somewhere. ’ He looked away. ’ ‘As ever, Grulgor, I will give your comments the due attention they deserve,’ said Garro. He broke off as a figure in gold caught his eye moving through a shaft of light. Temeter saw where Garro was looking and tapped twice on the shoulder plate of his armour. ’ KALEB BUSIED HIMSELF with the sword cloth, folding the green velvet mantle into a neat square. In the alcove of the arming pit, Captain Garro’s weapons and battle equipment were arrayed around him on hooks and wire-frame racks.

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