Surya Monro's Bisexuality: Identities, Politics, and Theories PDF

By Surya Monro

This ebook offers an obtainable advent to bisexuality stories, set in the context of up to date social conception and study. Drawing on interviews performed within the united kingdom and Colombia, it maps out the territory, offering a method of figuring out sexualities which are neither homosexual, nor lesbian, nor heterosexual.

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The chapter also explores, by way of contrast, the sectors in which bisexuality and related forms of sexuality are commodified. These include the use of expressly bisexual imagery/action (female–female sex performed for a male consumer) in pornography and sex work, and the use of female-female eroticism within the music industry. The chapter explicates the ways in which the commodification of certain types of bisexuality is highly gendered. This commodification fuels notions of the hypersexualisation of bisexuality and impacts negatively on some groups of bisexuals.

This contradictory, ambivalent position towards bisexuality will be discussed below, in the section on bisexuality as unintelligible. Overall, Gagnon (1977), and other interactionists, contend that our social world is constructed via our interactions with each other, which are mediated via our perceptions of each social situation. This is basically an anti-essentialist position. However, the UK bisexuality research data raised some questions about purely anti-essentialist, constructionist conceptual frameworks.

It’s the complete invisibility and erasure of bisexuality [pause] you need to be stronger, to say all the time ‘I am bisexual; I identify as bisexual’ when other people tell you ‘you don’t exist’ or, if they recognise that you exist, then you are ‘greedy’, you ‘can’t decide’, you are ‘not able to decide’, you don’t have the, you ‘lack the mental skills’ to decide . . but now I really feel that I have to say all the time, that I am bisexual. It’s this constant battle. (Merina) In interactionist terms, if someone’s bisexuality is socially erased or denied, then the construction of a bisexual identity can be very difficult on a personal level.

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