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By John Jay (editor and trans.) Parry

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A gwedy y kyngreirier tagneu[ed] yd ymgarant. Dolur adrossir yn llewenyd. pan drychont y tat yngkallon y vam. Ef a nessa linx adisgynno o hat y Hew ae lymder adylla kedernyt haearnawl ac vn elechawl. ymynediat hwnnw ygedeu normandi ydwy ynys. ac odiruawr vod symudedigaeth y gwehenir ykledyf ywrth ygoron. O achaws anvhvndep y brodyr ygwledycha vn adelei ole arall. kerbyt ypymet adreiglir yr petweryd agwedy y dyrchauer yllinieu priawt ysarret aetiang asathyr y tyrnassoed. yndydyeu diwethaf y dreic (wen*) ygwesgerir y hetiuet yn deir rann.

And then Goffar the Pict and those of his men1 who escaped fled to the twelve peers of France to complain that a foreign invasion had come and driven him out of his country, and to ask them, for God's sake, to defend him and his realm. And each one of them pledged himself to him. And when Brutus knew this, he had a castle made for him to guard against an attack of his enemies in a place where Homer built a city afterwards as he says himself. And when Goffar heard that, he grieved more over it than he had over all the affronts to him before that.

13V yn yr eidal. A gad a nathan ac assaf yn broffwidi yn yr israel. Ac yna y gwnaeth y brenhin caer efrauc. A chaer alklut. A chastell myned agnet yr hwn aelwyr yr awr hon castell y morynyon ar mynyd dolurus. Ac ef a uu idaw vgein meib o vgein wraget a oed idaw. a deng merchet arugeint. henweu y veibion oed. Brutus darean las. Maredud. Seissill. Rys. Morud. Bleidud. Iago. Botlan. kyngar. Spaden. Guaul. Dardan. Eidol. Iuor. hector, kyngu. Gereint. Run. Asser. howel. Enweu y uerchet oedynt. Gloywgein.

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