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By Michael Cunningham

Meet Peter and Rebecca Harris: mid-forties denizens of Manhattan's SoHo, nearing the apogee of dedicated careers within the arts— he a broker, she an editor. With a spacious loft, a college-age daughter in Boston and vigorous pals, they're admirable, enviable modern urbanites with each cause, it kind of feels, to be at liberty. Then Rebecca's a lot more youthful lookalike brother, Ethan (known within the family members as Mizzy, " the mistake" ), exhibits up for a trip. a stunning, beguiling twenty-three-year-old with a background of drug difficulties, Mizzy is wayward, at unfastened ends, trying to find course. And in his presence, Peter unearths himself wondering his artists, their paintings, his career— the complete international he has so conscientiously built.

By Nightfall is a heartbreaking examine the best way we are living now. filled with shocks and aftershocks, it makes us imagine and think deeply in regards to the makes use of and which means of good looks and where of affection in our lives.

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