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1 REVOLUTION. Fig. 43. The principle of a resolver. assembly partially cut away is shown for slideway monitoring in Fig. 45 and a rotary application for a fourth axis on a horizontal machining centre in Fig. 46. The Laser (Fig. 47) The laser offers the ultimate in position monitoring devices presently attainable, but is still under development at the time of writing. However, it cannot be long before such systems are adopted by machine tool companies for ultra-high precision work. It offers the major benefits in a high resolution, direct reading, closed-loop and linear control system for slideway positioning.

43) The operational procedure of the resolver is that if the rotor is lined up with the stator, then the induced voltage is at a maximum and when the rotor is at 900 to the stator, the voltage induced becomes a minimum. - - - - .... 2 ' - - - - - - t I f t · . ----+------""11 « v- S(AN ARRAY Of PHOTOHHTRI( (ELLS. Fig. 42. V-scanning. turned and this being connected to the ballscrew assembly, determines the table's position. A further feature of the resolver is that the phase is altered so that at each zero mode there is a phase shift of 180°.

A major problem with using this interpolation method, is that when contour machining, the part programs tend to be of vast block length. Incidentally, this was one of the major reasons for the demise of NC punched paper tape as a storage medium for complex contours. This point brings us nicely to a consideration of the reasons why circular and parabolic interpolation have become popular, in particular the former technique. Circular Interpolation (Fig. 34b) Interpolation using circular motion control is the next order of CNC movement and has become a standard feature on most machine tools today.

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