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By F. Amaldi, P. Pierandrei-Amaldi (auth.), Prof.Dr. Philippe Jeanteur (eds.)

Among all mobile RNA species of the 3 major varieties, ribosomal RNA, move RNA or messenger RNA, be they from prokaryotic or eukaryotic organisms, the prokaryotic mRNA is exclusive in that it has no precursor and is synthesized within the related mature shape because it is translated into proteins. actually, ribosomes subscribe to the nascent mRNA chain and interact in protein synthesis lengthy sooner than its transcription is entire. Provisions are even made for slowing down the ribo­ somes at a few websites to avoid them from catching up with the RNA-polymerase. in fact, this type of scenario is barely attainable within the prokaryotic global the place there is no nuclear mem­ brane bodily secluding the transcription procedure from the cy­ toplasm the place translation is particular. relatively within the contrary severe, the eukaryotic pre-messenger RNA has to endure many and occasionally drastic steps of maturation (capping, polyadenylation, splicing, variation) prior to the choice is made to export it to the cytoplasm. that's the place it enters the scope of this publication. as soon as within the cytoplasm, many strategies are nonetheless open to it: its front into polysomes can be not on time (as it's in unfertilized eggs) or simply prohibited (ferritin mRNA in iron-starved cells), directed to precise destinations in the cytoplasm or be roughly speedily degraded. in the course of gametogenesis and early improvement, translational keep an eye on is likely one of the most important point of gene expression.

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The results obtained with cell extracts support the concept of a heterodimeric proteins complex. These results, however, do not necessarily exclude these obtained in vitro with the cloned protein purified to homogeneity. Indeed, the fact that purified 2DR dimerizes in vitro does not necessarily reflect its behaviour in situ when other proteins are present. 4 RNase L Activity RNase L is an endoribonuclease that cleaves single-stranded RNA. This nuclease has only a low sequence specificity. Studies of its activity have involved synthetic RNA (polyuridylate, polyadenylate, polycytidylate, polyguanylate) or natural RNA : R5 (bacteriophage T7-specific RNA) or the 3' terminal region of bacteriophage R17 RNA for which some details of the secondary structure have been established (Floyd-Smith et al.

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