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By Patricia Elliot

Transgender reviews is a heterogeneous web site of dialogue that's marked via tensions, border wars, and rifts either in the box and between feminist and queer theorists. Intersecting the domain names of women’s reviews, sexuality, gender and transgender reviews, Debates in Transgender, Queer, and Feminist idea presents a severe research of key texts and theories, carrying out a discussion with well-known theorists of transgendered id, embodiment and sexual politics, and intervening in a number of features of a conceptually and politically tricky terrain. A important quandary is the query of even if the theories and practices had to foster and safe the lives of transsexuals and transgendered people may be promoted or undermined - a priority that increases broader social, political, and moral questions surrounding assumptions approximately gender, sexuality, and sexual distinction; perceptions of transgendered embodiments and identities; and conceptions of divergent wants, pursuits and visions.

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She convincingly argues that transpersons are not apolitical dupes of gender or of medicalization, and that many do identify with feminism. Indeed, she shows how transwomen face forms of oppression similar to other women, and how they offer a challenge to the logic of sex and gender binaries. At the same time, she questions the claim of Leslie Feinberg (1996) and Kate Bornstein (1994) that individuals have a right to adopt any form of gender expression they choose. This uncritical claim embraces a problematic, individualist vision of social life and overlooks the fact that oppressive gender norms inhere particularly in hegemonic expressions of masculinity that need to be questioned and transformed, not embraced (2003: 1112).

Butler’s ideal of solidarity notwithstanding, the reality is that non-trans feminist and queer encounters with transsexuality are conflicted, and remain unresolved. What are the political and conceptual difficulties encountered in trying to think about experiences other than our own? Which ideas get censored and why? What questions do transsexuals raise about mainstream, feminist, or queer beliefs surrounding gender, identity, and embodiment? Can we accept that for some people sex changes, without feeling the need to vilify them?

Certainly there are other pressing issues to consider, including the struggle to access social services by those transsexuals who are the least well off, as Namaste claims. The critical examination of non-trans feminist views about transsexuals as elicited by the Nixon case provides one contested site for addressing our internal differences. As I demonstrate in Chapter 2, questions of identity animate much of the debate between transsexual and transgendered groups, a debate which has created a divisive hierarchy between them.

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