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By Wolfgang Beermann (auth.), W. Beermann (eds.)

Earlier titles during this sequence have directed recognition to chose questions of present theoretical or functional curiosity in developmental biology, with out precise emphasis upon person organic structures. Tho opt for immense polytene chromosomes because the universal denominator of a brand new quantity may possibly at the start sight appear to set particularly arbitrary regulations upon a coherent dialogue of the fundamental challenge of mobile differentiation. notwithstanding, the reader will discover for hirnself that, to the contrary, this kind of trouble, although dicta ted through the cloth, focuses the research upon one crucial aspect: the differential free up of genetic info from operational subunits of the eukaryotic chromosome. within the association of this quantity we haven't striven for completeness - a few, certainly, could rate 1 that the paintings on Sciarids is underrepresented - however the numerous members have made each attempt to render a radical and up to date photo of the placement of their specific box, and in this foundation to debate all attainable angles of normal organic curiosity. Authors and editors have agreed to devote this quantity to the reminiscence of JACK SCHULTZ.

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This paradox is especially hard to reconcile with the assumption of reiteration. Not only in this respect do models of the "super-operon" variety seem to be superior. Chromomere models of the "super-operon" type cannot simply be derived by an extension of the well-known prokaryotic operon concept to the conditions in eukaryotes. It is true that, as RUDKIN pointed out earlier (1965), the average DNA content of a chromomere is of the same order as that: of some giant prokaryotic operons with between 10 and 20 individual cistrons plus the operator and promoter regions, but that is where the analogy ends.

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