Download e-book for iPad: A Magic of Twilight: Book One of the Nessantico Cycle by S. L. Farrell

By S. L. Farrell

The breathtaking first novel in a super new delusion seriesA masterwork of delusion, The Nessantico Cycle is the epic story of an empire at its top, but poised close to what can be a devastating descent into wreck. advised from the viewpoints of diverse characters, it's a sweeping saga of homicide and magic (portrayed either as a strong faith and a forbidden art), of deception and betrayal, of Machiavellian politics, star-crossed enthusiasts, and a realm dealing with struggle on each entrance.

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It will be a fine official portrait for your Jubilee—” “Justi,” Marguerite interrupted sharply, and her son’s chiseled, handsome jaw shut with an abrupt snap of strong white teeth—good teeth were another, and luckier, family trait. ” he asked, but she knew that he had guessed, knew from the way his lips twisted below the crisp black line of his mustache. Her son might be pampered, indolent, and perhaps somewhat dissolute, but he was not stupid. “It’s been seven years now since Hannah died,” she said.

I think that we have more than enough e’ténis already. U’Téni cu’Dosteau believed you were already well past the ability expected from an e’téni, and I would agree with him. In fact, you will be attached to my personal staff, O’Téni. ” She had no words. She could only nod, a helpless grin on her face. “I’ll take that as acceptance, then,” the Archigos said. He sighed, turning away from her to raise his hands again to the crowds. “O’Téni, look behind the carriage. ” Ana glanced down and behind. The a’téni immediately behind the carriage stared back at her, nearly all their gazes lifted toward the carriage.

His body, molded by days spent hunting in the saddle, was that of an aging warrior—in his youth, the A’Kralj had ridden in the Garde Civile along with the other chevarittai of Nessantico. Despite the long decades of order under the Kraljica, despite her popular title as “Généra a’Pace,” the Creator of Peace, there were still the occasional border skirmishes and squabbles, and Justi fancied himself quite the military man. Marguerite, who had seen the reports from the Garde Civile, had an entirely different opinion of her son’s prowess.

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