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By Robert Asprin

The multi-nat conglomerates release a brand new revenues blitz: a deadly company crusade opposed to the realm.

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Cold Cash War - download pdf or read online

The multi-nat conglomerates release a brand new revenues blitz: a deadly company crusade opposed to the realm.

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Let me assure you, gentlemen, this is not a casual offer. " asked Clancy cagily, sipping his drink without taking his eyes off the Oriental. "You, Mr. Clancy, are to serve as aide and advisor to Mr. Tidwell. You, Mr. Tidwell, are to take command of the final training phases of, and lead into battle, a select force of men. " "Whose troops and in what battle are they to be employed? " "I represent the Zaibatsu, a community of Japanese-based corporations, and the focus of our attention is the Oil vs.

What did they have in common? Some were international while some were local. Some were American in origin while some were based overseas. What was it they had in common? Mausier frowned and played with the controls again. The eight names sorted themselves into pairs and moved apart, two to each corner of the screen. Now he had the two mining concerns (Africa), two of the oil corporations (the Great Plains), an oil corporation and the fishing concern (Iceland), and an oil corporation and the communications conglomerate (Brazil) grouped together.

He might be dead. If that were the case, Mausier would have to check to see if the scrambler unit on the agent's field terminal had been somehow neutralized, allowing a rival to intercept the message and set an ambush. Mausier doubted that this had occurred. He had countless guarantees from the Japanese firm that custom-manufactured the units for him that the scramblers were individually unique and unbuggable, and they had yet to be proven wrong. Still, it would be worth checking into. His eyes flicked over the agent's client number-187.

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