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By Tomislav Hengl

The aim of this advisor is to help you in generating caliber maps through the use of absolutely operational open resource software program applications.

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2 Mechanical spatial prediction models As mentioned previously, mechanical spatial prediction models can be very flexible and easy to use. They can be considered to be subjective or empirical, because the user him/her-self selects the parameters of the model, often without any deeper analysis, often based only on a visual evaluation — the ‘look good’ assessment. Most commonly, a user typically accepts the default parameters suggested by some software, hence the name mechanical models. The most widely used mechanical spatial prediction models are Thiessen polygons, inverse distance interpolation, regression on coordinates and various types of splines (Lam, 1983; Myers, 1994; Mitas and Mitasova, 1999).

The smoothing spline function also assumes that there is a (measurement) error in the data that needs to be smoothed locally. There are many versions and modifications of spline interpolators. The most widely used techniques are thin-plate splines (Hutchinson, 1995) and regularized spline with tension and smoothing (Mitasova and Mitas, 1993). g. 577215 is the Euler constant, ϕ is the generalized tension parameter and h0 is the distance between the new and interpolation point. 12) i ✷✶ ✷✷ ✷✸ ✷✹ ✷✺ ✷✻ ✷✼ ✷✽ ✷✾ ✸✵ ✸✶ ✸✷ ✸✸ ✸✹ ✸✺ where 0 / i are positive weighting factors representing a smoothing parameter at each given point si .

Is even longer. ❙✉r❢❡r s♣❛t✐❛❧ ❣st❛t ❣❡♦❘ ❘ ❛❦✐♠❛ ❧♦❡ss 12 The s♣ package in ❘, for example, makes a distinction between the Spatial Pixel data frame (grid nodes) and a Spatial Grid data frame (grid cells) to distinguish between regular grid with point support and block support. 1 Basic concepts 11 An inexperienced user will often be challenged by the amount of techniques to run spatial interpolation. Li and Heap (2008), for example, list over 40 unique techniques in their extensive review of the spatial prediction methods.

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