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By R. H. Mitchell, M. I. Novgorodova, E. I. Semenov (auth.), Prof. Dr. A. S. Marfunin (eds.)

All latest introductory experiences of mineralogy are written accord­ ing to a similar set of rules, also known as the "Dana approach of Mineralogy". Even smooth complex handbooks, that are cer­ tainly valuable, contain simple information on minerals and are basically descriptive. whilst uncomplicated details at the chemistry, constitution, optical and actual homes, exotic beneficial properties and para­ genesis of 200-400 minerals is gifted, then there's essentially no additional house on hand to incorporate new rules and ideas in line with contemporary mineral reports. a potential method to this challenge will be to give a ebook starting the place introductory textbooks finish for these already famil­ iar with the uncomplicated ideas. this kind of quantity will be adapted to experts in all fields of technological know-how and undefined, attracted to the newest leads to mineralogy. This technique might be known as complex Mineralogy. right here, an try has been made to survey the present percentages and goals in mineral topic investigations, together with the most features of the entire equipment, crucial difficulties and issues of mineral­ ogy, and comparable reviews. the person volumes are composed of brief, condensed chap­ ters. each one bankruptcy provides in an entire, albeit condensed, shape particular difficulties, equipment, theories, and instructions of investigations, and estimates their value and strategic place in technological know-how and industry.

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Images are viewed as domains in multidimensional space. The classification procedure is reduced to choosing different fixed sets of characteristics and assigning them to the same image. Description of an image is made by a sample and a separate point in the domain is a realization of this image. Image analysis can be used both for digital data, as can all multivariate statistical methods, and, more importantly, for optic or photographic images. Image analysis usually is reduced to comparing an image with samples of other images and then attributing it to a specific image on the basis of earlier chosen criteria of similarity.

4 Chapter 1. The Chemical Nature of Minerals Table 1. 1 Chemical Composition of Minerals Table l. (Continued) Gadolinite Monazite [La Ln Lu Ac Sohngeite Karelianite Karelianite Ga In Cr Fe Brownite [~ Escolaite Hematite Fe GMn Mn TI Avicennite Rh Ga As Sb Ir In Sb Bi Kashinite lalindite Senarmontite Bismuthinite [Si Si Ti Ge Rutile Argutite Ti Ti Ti Ti Ti Ti Ti Argutite Zircophyllite Malayaite Paramontroseite Pyrolusite Ti Ge Zr Sn V Mn Re Pt Pb Te [:Ge Ge Ge Sn Pb Mn Cassiterite Plattnerite Oespujolsite Zr Zr Zr Hf Th U Sn Hafnon Thorite Coffinite Sn Pb Plattnerite Hafnon Hafnon [Hf Hf Th U Thorite Coffinite Cerianite [ce Ce Th U Thorianite Uraninite Th S Se Mo U Se Te Uraninite Molybdomenite Teineite ~ V As Vanadinite Mimetite V Sb Nb As As Mimetite ~b Nb Sb Ta Romeite Microlite Boweite Sohngeite Arsenolite Stibnite M4 + Stishovite Stishovite Rutile Astrophyllite Titanite Rutile Rutile Senaite Ulvite Rutile Rutile Argutite Argutite Schaurteite Zircon Terskite Cassiterite Thorianite Scotlandite Chalcomenite Tugarinovite Ti [' - ~~~ Plattnerite Paratellurite W M5 + Pyromorphite Pyromorphite Rhabdophanite Vanadinite Stibiconite Pyrochlore Pyrochlore 6 Chapter 1.

Fe3+W 6 + Ti 4 +Ta5+ Samarskite 17. Ti 4 +W 6 + Nb5+Nb 5 + Pyrochlore Aeschynite Behierite Samarskite Melanostibite r Brannerite Cluster isomorphism 3Ti4 + 18. Ilmenorutile Fe2+Nb~+ 19. Florencite Ce3+p~+ Kl+S~+ Jarosite elements are present only in trace quantities. The mineralogy of the crust is therefore dominated by minerals based upon these major and minor elements. The composition of individual minerals reflects the local geochemical environment in which the mineral formed. Compositional ranges are restricted by the possible simple and coupled substitutions permissible for a given crystal structure.

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