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By Jeffrey H. Miller

This quantity collates in a single resource method for in vivo genetic engineering and for genetic research in quite a lot of micro organism. not just is Escherichia coli good lined, yet so are different rising bacterial structures

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West, and J. L. Laping, Virology 85, 587 (1978). 25 S. W. Glover, J. Schell, W. Symonds, and K. A. Stacey, Genet. Res. 13, 227 (1963). 26 Escherichia coli AND Salmonella typhimurium [2] ylase (dam) g e n e , 7'1° and mutations that permit PI d a m - mutants to grow better in a d a m - host (rev6 and rev7). The dam::Kan strain contains an insertion of the Tn903 kan r gene in dam, and AMB contains a 320-bp deletion in dam. Bacterial Strains P1 lysates can be made on most strains ofE. coli K12 that are recA + although the phage yield (25-150 infectious phage per cell) may vary significantly.

Natl. Acad. Sci. A. 84, 7448 (1987). 35 S. Brown, Cell (Cambridge, Mass. ) 49, 825 (1987). 36 j. Jarvik and D. Botstein, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sei. A. 72, 2738 (1975). 37 C. Lee and J. Beckwith, J. Bacteriol. 166, 878 (1986). 3s N. A. Treptow and H. A. Shuman, J. Mol. Biol. 202, 809 (1988). [1] MUTANT STRATEGIES 15 the dnaZ gene) 9 A mutagenized hdnaN gave rise to some red plaques when plated on a dnaZts host. Mutations in Complex Pathways When studying a cellular process where no knowledge of the pathway exists, it often becomes crucial to develop novel genetic approaches to reveal the genes involved.

For instance, using a h phage carrying dnaN or Salmonella, Engstrom et al. showed that mutations in the dnaN gene could suppress temperature-sensitive mutations in 33 S. D. Emr, S. Hanley-Way, and T. J. ) 23, 79 (1981). 34 j. p. Fandl and P. C. Tai, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. A. 84, 7448 (1987). 35 S. Brown, Cell (Cambridge, Mass. ) 49, 825 (1987). 36 j. Jarvik and D. Botstein, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sei. A. 72, 2738 (1975). 37 C. Lee and J. Beckwith, J. Bacteriol. 166, 878 (1986). 3s N. A. Treptow and H.

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