Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts (The Yeast by Carlos Augusto Rosa, Gabor Peter PDF

By Carlos Augusto Rosa, Gabor Peter

Within the previous few a long time a growing number of yeast habitats were explored, spanning chilly climates to tropical areas and dry deserts to rainforests. consequently, a wide physique of ecological facts has been collected and the variety of recognized yeast species has elevated quickly. This ebook offers an summary of the biodiversity of yeasts in numerous habitats. fresh advances accomplished by means of the applying of molecular organic equipment within the box of yeast taxonomy and ecology also are included within the publication. at any place attainable, the interplay among yeasts and the encompassing setting is mentioned.

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450 >500 500 650 600 1,000 1,120 >1,500 >1,200 1,564 No. —cont’d 38 Vincent Robert et al. 3 • Yeast Biodiversity and Culture Collections Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC) have been omitted, as they usually do not have the required structure for distribution, and indeed they rarely distribute strains on a regular basis to third parties. 2. Out of the 1,152,175 microbial strains that are maintained in public CCs worldwide, about 400,000 are fungi, including some 80,000 yeasts. The largest yeast CCs are biodiversity collections that maintain living-type specimens and related strains.

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Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 83:327–332 Dobzhansky T (1976) Organismic and molecular aspects of species formation. In: Ayala FJ (ed) Molecular evolution. Sinauer Association, Sunderland, MA, pp 95–105 2 • Yeast Systematics and Phylogeny Fan M, Chen LC, Ragan MA, Gutell R, Warner JR, Currie BP, Casadevall A (1995) The 5S rRNA and the RNA intergenic spacer of the two varieties of Cryptococcus neoformans. J Med Vet Mycol 33:215–221 Fell JW (1993) Rapid identification of yeast species using three primers in a polymerase chain reaction.

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