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By Jim Mortimore

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His life had been spent idolizing the suffering of Humans and longing for a return to the golden age when the world was younger, cleaner, hotter than it was now. Beneath him, the dilophosaurus shuddered. Imorkal strengthened his link with the reptile, urging it on to greater speed. In his short life Imorkal had never really experienced fear, although he had observed the suffering of others as part of his education. Now he was beginning to know the sensation intimately: the yawning gulf within signifying loss and the potential end of self and, worst of all, showing that he was not the infallible hunter he had thought.

Alan knocked her gun arm upwards and the bullet flew wild into the darkness. ‘Alan, what are you playing at? ’ Alan grabbed hold of Julia and shook her. ‘Julia, calm down, calm down! It’s over. ’ The figure lurched forward to collapse at their feet. Caked with blood and excrement and juddering wildly, the whispering voice was recognizable, even if the face and body weren’t. ‘Teach them to cry… cry the red tears…’ Julia drew a shuddering breath. ’ Ten minutes later the Brigadier gazed coldly down at two Silurians lying prone in the churned muck of the corral.

She was in a small ward. There were three beds. One was empty. A screen had been placed around the third. She reached for the glass of water on a nearby bedside table and became aware that someone was standing beside the bed. ’ The figure neither moved nor spoke. Ace blinked. No. The figure was taller than her companion. Stockier. And his eyes – A slender woman with a pleasant smile came over to the bed. ‘You’ll have to go now, Brigadier. ’ Did the figure shake his head slightly at Ace before he left the ward?

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