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By Li Xiaoqi

Boya chinese language is compiled through a bunch of skilled lecturers who educate chinese language as moment language. it really is divided into 4 degrees: effortless, pre-intermediate, intermediate and complicated. There are altogether nine books within the set which matches the four-year university examine or any momentary and long term sessions. The undemanding point is in volumes of fifty classes for newbies and covers approximately 1,000 phrases. completing it's going to make sure the scholars to arrive point three of HSK. The pre-intermediate point includes volumes. It matches scholars with 1,000-3000 vocabulary. It specializes in trainings of depiction, narration, rationalization and dialogue. completing this point, the scholars will cross HSK attempt of point 5-6. The intermediate point has volumes and is appropriate for college students who've 3,000-5,000 phrases. The contents are bright and comprise a big variety of issues. The vocabulary has very unique notes with rigorously chosen examples. This point is suitable with HSK point 7-8. The complex point is for college students who grasp greater than 5,000 phrases. The complex point has 3 volumes and includes approximately 8,000-word vocabulary and makes a speciality of deciding on synonyms, explaining universal sentence styles and hard phrases. There are plentiful workouts and fascinating readings after each one lesson. completing this point permits the scholars to cross HSK point eleven checks.

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1 \ 回匾,手翻白111堕 ( R田d 010υd and 侧 in the blonks în occordonce Wi t h the exomple 9阔叶 过是我的宿舍 这是 ! sl (名) nó门bion the soulh 3 部 Yh7 {名) yóujú poSI office 4 商店 5 下 ;a {名) (名) shõngdiòn shop; slore xiòbion under 几 2日字组习 ( Chinese charocler exercl回s ) 模 仿 书 写 下 列 汉 字 ( Write down the following words 四ng 山e correct stroke sequence ) 、 二 一 第五谋 在 东 7守 口-协ù kè 大学 的西边 z,刀 Dôngfâng Dàxué de xìb10n (在联欢会场) 你好 ! 你 叫 什 么 名 字 ? 张 红 我 叫 张 虹。 你 呢? 玛 丽 我 叫 玛 丽 , 在是 东 万大学 的 留 学 生 , 我 的 专业是国 际 关 单 o 你 呢?

Q 3. A 也是谁? B . '、阔的前面 (如例 l 、 例盯 仙 的要川 的.. 有 的 不加 " 的 " (归例3 . hr attribule 叫m创 hcforc Ihe ccntral woros. 1. lltc 阳5Cssion. 4) 例 1 这是汉语词典叼 不是汉语'"本。 2 玛 丽是加拿大人 不 是 美 国 人曰 3. onuncÎation exercises) ( - ) 读音 (Pronunclation ) 口 @ m e, m ω d do d. dai dei do。 dou T to te to。 tou 00 oe 1m b ,. n nω 们创 noo lai l刨 100 10' U ue 由 lu nu nue lu lüe J 叫,1 { 二 ) 昕读后选鳞 (SelCCl the syllablcs that you hear being r曲< ) 2 怡 "' 5. dao-dou l . do-to 4 . noi-nei 民 3. j练XJ (Substitulion exerCises using Ihe drowings provid国) 1.

Ni ne? M削 怕。 jiào Móll, wõ shì Dõngfõng Dàxué de liúxuéshêng, wð de zhuè叫è shl gu时 guãnxi. NI ne? Z陆n9 Hóng: WÕ s hl Zhõnghu6 Dàxué Zhõng扣。n xì dc y6njiu:;hêng, wó ds zhuãnyè shl xiònd创 wénxué M剧 ZhõnQhuó Dàxué zài nór7 Zhâng Hóng:Zài Dôngfàng 0阳ué de xibion. ì'ng wèn, wèishêngjiõn z创 nör) Xuésheng : Zài nòr 阳oshl de póngbiõn Dòwèi: Shl dõngbian de 阳。shl ma? Xu臼heng : Du此 峙'W W4ω由 生词语 and 1 百边 阳 .... ,. a "咀. hou ( 动 ) huõnyfng { 动 ) qù ( 动 ) wõnr ( 名 ) wèishêngjiõn ( 名 ) 忡。shl ( 名 ) pângbián (名 ) dângbian (形) dui Zhãng Hóng Zhõnghuó Dòxué special】zt:d subject inlemational 陀lation; 陀lationship Chin巳崎 departrne川 6ω,duale 创udent modem lilcra‘un主 h抱�, 'R如e IIIne IJme; momenl wd�on陆 回 '7 教 室 '8 旁边 guó� guõnxl ZhõngψÁC the west WW 叫 '5 玩儿 (名) (名 ) (名) (名 ) (动) xib阻n zhuõnyè F 川川山 阳 山 阳 咐 8 现代 9 文学 '0 有 1 1 空JL 1 2 时候 1 3 欢迎 '4 去 (名) (名 ) (名) (名) (名) ,扩 α pCf&On ZIJUI咆1",..

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