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This table also provides some indication of the electrical properties with these materials. Fig. 3-6 summarizes the results of fatigue tests for polyester-mat laminates. 5 PROPERTIES OF WOVEN FABRICS WITH POLYESTER RESIN Table 3-4 and Figs. 3-7 through 3-13 summarize the mechanical properties of laminates made from a style 7781 woven glass fabric preimpregnated with a polyester resin, and cured by the vacuum bag-autoclave TABLE 34 PROPOSED REQUIREMENTS FOR A GENERAL PURPOSE SHEET MOLDING COMPOUND Class Glass Conwnt, wt, % Tensile Strength ksi, min Flexural Strength ksi, min lmpact Strength, lzod ft-lblin.

2-6 MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL PROCESSES Two processes for preparing short-fiber moldings are briefly noted. One, open-mold spmy-up, is an older method that-is still used extensively, particularly in boat constryction. The other, cold press molding, is a more recent innovation that is gaining acceptance for low cost, short run applications. Both processes use fiberglass roving with polyester resin. In open-mold spray-up the fiberglass is chopped from roving and codeposited with resin into a mold. The mixture is compacted by hand rollers and cured at room temperature.

Material flow properties are controlled by the degree of B-staging. Optimum fiber contents are from 50 to 55 percent by volume for fiberglass and from 55 to 60 percent for graphite fibers. The shelf life for most finished compounds is in the order of six months. In some cases, refrigerated storage is required. The main advantages of chopped roving compounds are : (1) High strength to weight and modulus to weight ratios are possible. (2) Properties are more predictable due to closer controlled resin to reinforcement ratios.

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