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By Gene DeWeese

Whereas mapping a chain of gravitational anomalies, the U.S.S. company™ is unexpectedly hurled thousands of light-years via area, right into a far away galxy of scorched and dead worlds...into the center of an never-ending interstellar warfare. with out long ago domestic, the crippled starship reveals itself less than relentless and suicidal assault through either warring fleets! And Captain Kirk needs to gamble the lives of his workforce on his skill to prevent a warfare that has raged for hundreds of years -- and ravaged a galaxy...

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Bones? Sulu? Uhura? " No one spoke. "Very well. Mr. Sulu, do your best to duplicate our flight path in reverse. " "Correct, sir. " The starbow resulting from achieving relativistic velocity was always spectacular, but never more so than here in this massive concentration of stars. Even so, it went virtually unnoticed as all eyes waited for the sudden alteration in the star field that would indicate they were back in Treaty territory. But the change didn't come. "Time, Mr. " "Then why--Mr. " "Spock, could the anomaly have been smaller than that?

But howmwhat happened? I thought you said these---these anomalies could only throw us a few hundred parsecs I" He blinked. "And the detectors my labs built--why in God's name weren't you using them? Why did you blunder into---" "We were using them, Doctor. " "Butre" "It's a long story, Doctor," Kirk cut in. "I suggest you listen to Mr. " Crandall looked as if he were going to continue protesting, but then the chief engineer's voice, the tension of the situation accentuating its Scottish burr, crackled over the intercom.

We are approximately five thousand parsecs closer to this object than we were to the Shapley Center. " Kirk was silent a moment before turning back to the screen. "Mr. " "Very well. Mr. U. and hold there. " Again the view on the forward screen shifted, but now it was as if the Enterprise were turning within a heavy curtain of stars. In every direction, the brightness and density were the same. "Mr. " "Launch the probe, Mr. " "It is being transported... " "And while we're waiting for the results, Mr.

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