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By Jack L. Chalker

The final nice conflict of the Hellgates has been gained and Flux and Anchor are at peace—for now. yet an individual has came across the foremost to the magic of Flux. in the event that they achieve harnessing this fearsome strength, the fragile stability may be destroyed. Who will stand whilst the horror of Flux is unleashed?

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I heard of him now that you mention it. He's got some brains somewhere in his band or they'd have gotten him by now. This army's a pretty good one. Somebody with fair Flux power, too. Nasty business. " "Let's try not to," the younger man said, and checked his gun. For almost twenty-six hundred years a unified culture existed among the twenty-eight Anchors on World, held together by a single religion and code of laws and social conduct and isolated by fear from Flux. At the same time, those in Flux even with great personal power were somewhat limited: the massive power tended to corrupt massively as well, and none of the truly great wizards who established their own Fluxlands could be considered sane.

By definition, though, incoming from the inbound direction was friendly; only incoming from the outbound direction was assumed hostile. The Gate locks had been absolute, barring friend and foe alike, but the Gates had not been re-locked. It seemed futile, since the codes to open them were now known but the means of changing them was not. The Guardian assumed quite naturally that traffic from this direction was friendly, and the four Guardians of Gate One agreed and sounded the outer alarms for a purge.

Gate flag reset to outbound. " The glow died, and the silence returned. Atita nervously stared at the Gate. "I don't see nothin'," she noted. " "I was there at Gate Two when they came the last time," Bandichar responded. " Fear was being replaced by nervous curiosity. " Nervously, expecting a trick, he walked towards the lip of the Gate, stopping just before it, so that he could see most of the crater. He made a simple hand gesture and materialized a pair of field glasses in his left hand, then put the glasses to his eyes and scanned what he could.

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