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By Robert Adams, Ken Kelly

Conflict to the dying! while Milo Morai, the timeless excessive Lord, and his Horseclans warriors came across the tower ruins, they welcomed it because the ideal fortress from which to carry off the packs of starving wolves longing for their blood. however the historical construction concealed a mystery way more risky than both wolves or any human foe, for in its depths waited The Hunter - the penultimate made of genetic experimentation long past wild, one of many few descendants of a strong breed that had lengthy outlasted its human creators. The Hunter - who, with fang, claw, and blood-chilling pace could problem the timeless Lord himself to a conflict to the loss of life.

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Then why don’t you ring CID up, Mr. ” Milo said disgustedly. ” Pale once more, Henshaw again stared at Milo. “You must be a raving lunatic, whatever else you are. You want to go back to that filthy, bloodsoaked hellhole? Anyone with any sense or the moral fiber to recognize that what we are doing, have done, there is wrong is doing everything possible, pulling every string pullable, to get out, get reassigned to almost anywhere. ” Milo smiled coldly. “Mr. Henshaw, were I you, I would not make the error of holding my breath until the senator becomes president.

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