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The woman leapt for him, and a high kick to his breastplate knocked him back down. He didn’t rise. Now she had beaten all three of the Adjudicators, but there were sirens sounding. Three more hovercopters were converging on the park, hurtling low over the snow. After a moment’s consideration, the woman changed direction, spinning on her heel and rushing down the platform... The Doctor hoisted himself out of the runway, pulling himself upright. Within seconds he had jogged past the woman and whirled to face her.

Traken outgrew that stage around eleven thousand years ago, but on many planets, robots develop sentience and are granted full citizenship. That isn’t always the way it happens, of course: the six-million-year-old civilization of Troxos 4 collapsed when their robot servants –’ Tegan’s mind began to drift. Her attention had been drawn by a man sitting at a nearby table. He was only a couple of years older than her, and was tall, well over six foot, with a bodybuilder physique and square jaw. He wore a neatly tailored, collarless, grey suit.

Once again, the Doctor and Adric gave their names. ’ The Adjudicator took this down, without betraying a flicker of interest. Medford, though, leant closer to listen in, Adric related the events of the last quarter of an hour or so; the Doctor was content to stand back and listen. Adric did an admirable job, carefully omitting certain details that might be difficult to explain: quite why they were on the platform in the first place, the Doctor’s time sensor and so on. ’ the Adjudicator asked. ’ Adric suggested.

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