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By Juanita Coulson

Ballantine Del Rey, paperback unique novel. one in all printings (1980, 1984). This fable novel is a stand-alone sequel to "The internet of Wizardry" (1978). jointly those books are the "Krantin" novels.

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Out of the darkness came a heartfelt sigh. "Ai! " "And she is the betrothed of Sirai Aubage," Tyrus reminded him gently. "Such women are not for us, Erejzan. " The acrobat grunted assent. "Where, then? To the lodgings near the bazaar? " "I think not. There is perhaps something here in the city. Vraduir and another presence, one I cannot quite fathom. I do not want either of those at our backs while we take up his trail," Tyrus said. "You have the link with him. " Tyrus held out his hand, waiting to be led.

Tyrus groped his way along a slime-wet wall to his left. He could have conjured a light to show the way but feared this would attract undue attention. " Tyrus stared into the blackness toward Erejzan's voice. "Vraduir's curse is sometimes a help. You know I can see perfectly in this darkness, and I tell you we are alone. I ask again, why did you take out the vision-glass? " Then, less fiercely, Tyrus said, "I am not such a fool. " He fumbled for the wall again; with an exasperated snort, Erejzan took his hand and led him forward without any hesitation.

A bit to the left, his brains would have been scattered over the filthy street. "Assassins! " he roared, mastering his shock and turning it to fury. Tyrus flung his arms high. The assassins apparently believed he meant to fend off their blows. He felt them coming at him again, unprepared, scenting victory. A strange, noiseless explosion filled the crooked alley. A miniature sun popped into being directly above Tyrus' fair head. Forewarned by his own intentions, he lidded his eyes and braced for the startling brilliance.

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