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By Alexander Jablokov

Within the twenty-first-century, 11 extraterrestrial races have settled our sunlight approach, occasionally interacting with people, occasionally ignoring them altogether in pursuit in their personal enigmatic ends. They reached human house with faster-than-light drives-deepdrives-designed to self-destruct after use. with out deepdrives in their personal, people haven't any approach to move the sizeable, interstellar gulf, or to compete as equals within the galactic community.But then a renegade alien crashed on Venus and a ragtag team of mercenaries determines to wreck him out and research his secrets and techniques for themselves-maybe even the key of the deepdrive. yet in a look for the deepdrive, not anything is because it turns out, not anyone precisely who-or what- they look like. There are not any effortless solutions, purely layer upon layer of secrets and techniques and lies. And as occasions set in movement in the past and much away start to ripple into human area, it truly is now not even transparent who're the hunters, and who the hunted.

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You know, these same guys, they drop all sorts of stuff down to Ripi. His house is built of old spaceship parts, did you know that? The Skullhouse gives him the pick. " She helped Elward load the heavy art into the limo. It was clearly Elward's home, as well as his center of operations. A bedroll and toiletry kit lay against one door, only cursorily tied down, so that drinking cups and epidermal cleaning sticks rattled around on the exposed corrugated subfloor. The car smelled sour, like a man spent too much time in it.

That was hers, Soph thought. She had started this entire thing. "The money, Elward," Soph said. "Your money. " For a moment, she thought that the shame would make him ignore her. Then, reluctantly, he nodded. They both knew the deep meaning of the seemingly heartless question. For him to have given up that money ... Soph didn't want to think about what had been done to him. Vastly worse that he had been made to want it. "Well, Elward," Derinda's voice said at the kitchen door. ' 'A little R&R will do us both some good.

She could have used some of that, for better defensive precautions. All too late now. Another copter rattled by overhead. Did its lights linger a little too long over the supposedly uninhabited body-storage trailer? Soph held her breath. The beams slid away, moved down the line of warehouses, illuminating El ward's limo, which was parked among some other cars by the black cube of a warehouse a hundred meters or so away, and then hunted across the torn rubble to the horizon. Elward should be about done with his business in the warehouse now.

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