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By Andres Segovia

Eight pages smooth conceal sheet song e-book.

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In 650 BCE, one of the longest-lived businesses in history began—the Delphi Oracle at the Temple of Apollo in Greece, which lasted for some 700 years. The God Apollo was said to foretell the future through his priestess, the Pythia. She inhaled vapors rising up through cracks in the temple’s floor to induce an A Brief History of Science and Psychic Phenomena 15 altered state of consciousness, and then while in a trance she responded to the questions of visitors. An interpreter inscribed her resulting moans and mumblings (Roach, 2001).

It is claimed to have occurred when an individual can produce effects on the physical environment without the application of any known force. Such definitions tell us not what the phenomena are, but only what they are not. This total reliance on negative definitions means that a claimed demonstration of parapsychological effects must be accompanied by the assurance that no “normal” processes were in operation that could account for the data. The problem is, researchers are not always aware of all “normal” processes that might be at play.

That does not mean that they should abandon parapsychological research, but it does mean that they should take seriously the methodological critiques provided by knowledgeable critics, for only in that way can their procedures be improved, and the opportunity to provide robust evidence of the paranormal, if it exists, be realized. It would also be wise to take seriously the possibility that there are no paranormal phenomena after all. If it is not ignorance or anxiety or dogmatism, why does mainstream science continue to ignore or reject parapsychology?

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