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By John Daintith and Elizabeth Martin (Editors)

Hailed as "handy and readable" (Nature) and "well worthy looking" (New Scientist), this best-selling dictionary comprises 9,200 alphabetically geared up entries on all features of chemistry, physics, biology (including human biology), earth sciences, and astronomy. as well as a wealth of trustworthy, up to date entries, clients will locate worthy brief biographies of major scientists, full-page illustrated gains on matters similar to the sun method and Genetically transformed Organisms, and chronologies of particular medical matters together with plastics, electronics, and phone biology. This re-creation comprises increased insurance of world warming, forensic technological know-how, astrophysics, quantum idea, and the sun procedure. Supported through over 2 hundred diagrams and illustrations, the Dictionary of technology additionally comprises instructed internet hyperlinks for plenty of entries, accessed and stored brand new through the better half site. eventually, it has appendices on SI devices, primary constants, geological time scale, a simplified class of the plant and animal kingdoms, and the periodic desk. either concise and wide-ranging, this quantity is a perfect reference paintings for college kids or for a house library.

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The frequency of the alternating current produced depends on the speed at which the coil rotates and the number of pairs of magnetic poles. In the large alternators of power stations the electromagnets rotate inside Üxed coils; many bicycle dynamos are alternators with rotating permanent magnets inside Üxed coils. altimeter A device used to measure height above sea level. It usually consists of an aneroid *barometer measuring atmospheric pressure. Aircraft are Ütted with altimeters, which are set to the atmospheric pressure at a convenient level, usually sea level, before take off.

This trend occurs because the smaller cations (at the top of the group) tend to polarize the oxo anion more effectively than the larger cations at the bottom of the group. alkalimetry Volumetric analysis using standard solutions of alkali to determine the amount of acid present. alkaline 1. Describing an alkali. 2. e. a pH greater than 7). alkaline-earth metals (group 2 elements) The elements of group 2 (formerly IIA) of the *periodic table: beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), strontium (Sr), and barium (Ba).

Ornithine and citrulline, which are intermediates in the urea cycle. Plants and many microorganisms can synthesize amino acids from simple inorganic compounds, but animals rely on adequate supplies in their diet. The *essential amino acids must be present in the diet whereas others can be manufactured from them. A • Interactively depicts molecular structures of all the amino acids using Jmol • Information about IUPAC nomenclature amino acid racemization (AAR) A dating technique used in archaeology based on the relative amounts of the optical isomers of an amino acid in a sample.

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