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By Jo Clayton

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You don’t need to say it. I know what’s going to happen. You’ll go to Silili to see your protege through her Passage Rite and you won’t come back. ” He lay back in his chair and laughed at her and let his voice boom out, dark velvet rubbing her bones. “Come wandering with me and see the world. Sure somewhere there’s a prince who needs his bottom whacked, a lord to be taught his manners, a bully who needs his pride punctured. ” “Ah Maksi m’luv, you’re such a fraud, you evil old sorceror, you bleed at a touch and put yourself to endless inconvenience.

There was a barrier. I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t feel it either, not really, I just couldn’t get to her. I tried going over it. Around it. Under it. I went into the mountain itself, I slid through the stone. That’s dangerous, it’s so easy to get confused so you don’t know up from down, but I did it. No good. It was a sphere, Bramble, it was all around her. I couldn’t get to her. I leaned against it and called to her; if I could wake her, maybe we could do something together. I couldn’t reach her.

What is it, Bramble? ” “No soulsearching before breakfast, if you please. I’ve run your bath for you, I’ve had mine already. ” 3 The fire crackled briskly behind the screen; the heavy silk drapes were pulled back to let in the morning sun. Brann paced back and forth, her body cutting through the beams, her shadow jerking erratically over the furniture. She swung round, scowled at Maksim. ” “Of course I’ll go with you. ” He rubbed his hand across his chin. ” “The usual thing. ” She turned her back on him and stared out the window.

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