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Der Spion des Königs: Historischer Roman by Simon Beaufort PDF

Im Jahre 1101 kehrt Sir Geoffrey Mappestone aus Jerusalem nach England zurück. Doch auch hier kann er sich nicht von den Gräueln des Kreuzzuges erholen. Niemand hat mit seiner Rückkehr gerechnet, und so heißt guy ihn nicht eben herzlich willkommen. Zudem liegt sein Vater im Sterben.

Sozialer Wandel und Gewaltkriminalität: Deutschland, England - download pdf or read online

In quick allen ökonomisch hoch entwickelten Ländern ist die Gewaltkriminalität in der zweiten Hälfte des vorigen Jahrhunderts deutlich angestiegen - in Umkehrung eines langfristig rückläufigen tendencies individueller (außerstaatlicher) Gewaltanwendung seit Beginn der Neuzeit. Die Autoren entwickeln hierfür einen Erklärungsansatz, der vor allem von Norbert Elias' Zivilisationstheorie und Emile Durkheims Gesellschaftstheorie inspiriert worden ist.

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21 And as they were going under Ludgate, this crafty crank took his heels and ran down the hill as fast as he could drive, the Constable and the printer after him as fast as they could. But the printer of the twain being lighter of foot, overtook him at Fleet Bridge, and with strong hand carried him to the Counter, and safely delivered him. In the morrow, the printer sent his boy that stripped him upon All-Hallows Day at night to view him, because he would be sure, which boy knew him very well.

73 We can see here that even in the case of an accidental death, the firstfinder had to repeat his or her evidence before the Justices in Eyre. 74 As a felon the murderer’s goods were liable to seizure but, because he lived in another county, the coroner could not directly order the seizure of those goods. ] on view of the body of Ranulf Felton, by four neighbouring townships, to wit, Penkridge, Dunston, Peletvale, and Levedale, by the oath of [twelve men]. They say [that Ranulf tried to kill William Johnson, who in self-defence then hit Ranulf with a bill and caused his death].

He had chattels worth twenty shillings, which were delivered to the said townships. The dagger was worth three pence. ] on Tuesday next after the Holy Trinity in the twentieth year of King Richard the Second [19 June 1397] before Robert of Lockwood, one of the king’s coroners in Staffordshire, on view of the body of John Swale, by the oath of [twelve] jurors of four neighbouring townships. They say on their oaths that on Monday next after the said feast in the said year and place Nicholas of Cheddleton was going along the king’s highway with linen and woollen cloths and other goods, when he was met by certain thieves who tried to kill and rob him.

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