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By Margaret Powell

Brilliantly evoking the long-vanished international of masters and servants portrayed in Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs, Margaret Powell’s vintage memoir of her time in provider, less than Stairs, is the extraordinary actual tale of an indomitable girl who, notwithstanding she served within the nice homes of britain, by no means stopped aiming excessive. Powell first arrived on the servants' front of 1 of these nice homes within the Twenties. As a kitchen maid – the bottom of the low – she entered a wholly new global; one among stoves to be blacked, greens to be scrubbed, mistresses to be appeased, and bootlaces to be ironed. paintings begun at 5.30am and went on until eventually after darkish. It used to be a miles cry from her adolescence at the seashores of Hove, the place cash and foodstuff have been scarce, yet heat and laughter by no means have been. but from the gentleman with a penchant for stroking the housemaids’ curlers, to raucous tea-dances with errand boys, to the heartbreaking tale of Agnes the pregnant under-parlormaid, fired for being seduced by way of her mistress’s nephew, Margaret’s stories of her time in carrier are advised with wit, heat, and a pointy eye for the prejudices of her scenario. Margaret Powell's real tale of a lifestyles spent in provider is an engaging “downstairs” portrait of the glittering, long-gone worlds in the back of the closed doorways of Downton Abbey and one hundred sixty five Eaton position.

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