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By William B. Jones, W. J. Thron

This can be an exposition of the analytic conception of persisted fractions within the advanced area with emphasis on purposes and computational tools.

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1 History 5 2. There exists a constant y, independent of x, such that for almost all x lim n [Khintchine, 1936]. 3 Analytic Theory Euler made important contributions to the analytic theory. He gave continued-fraction expansions (always without convergence considerations) of integrals and power series, including divergent ones. He also showed how Brouncker's expression for 4/V could be derived from either Wallis's product formula or the Gregory-Leibniz alternating series for TT/4. Another of Euler's contributions was a solution of the Riccati differential equation in terms of continued fractions.

3). J = oo. Further additions to convergence theory, in particular the limit-periodic continued fractions, were made by Pringsheim in Miinchen, his student O. Perron (1880-1973), who also became a professor in Miinchen, and O. Szasz (1884-1952). Szasz spent a year in Miinchen before moving on to Frankfurt (where he became a colleague of Hellinger). Later he came to Cincinnati. 2 Overview of Contents 11 outweighed by his scholarly work on continued fractions. The three editions of his book "Die Lehre von den Kettenbriichen" [1913; 1929; 1954, 1957a] not only kept interest in the subject alive but also provided a model of expository writing.

3d) Dn = cnDn_x + dnBn_x, n= 1 , 2 , 3 , . . 3. t! 3). 4a) « = 0,1,2,.... 4b) n and AnDn-BnCn¥=0, Moreover AnDn-BnCn = (-iyJl^akdk-bkck), /i = 0 , l , 2 , . . 2 Proof. 3) by straightforward computation. 3). 4b) follows. 5). 1. 3 suppose that co=l,

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