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Features a sequence of photos entitled `The vacationer as Theorist', and articles at the idea of ideology and Expo 88.

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30 The ways in which economic and technological changes in ‘the 1980s’ (in Chambers’s phrase) have been transforming women’s lives simply cannot be considered—leaving them not so much neglected in cultural studies as anachronistically mis-placed. Left as a restricted account of local developments, Chambers’s ‘possible guide’ would have a different (more ‘modest’) force. It’s the allegorical expansion that gives the lie, like the myth of the Metropolis, to the rhetoric of the local in Chambers’s text, and to many accounts of popular culture which read the collapse of old dichotomies (production/consumption, industry/culture) as an occasion for simply effacing the first term and expanding the second (and most of its traditional content—pleasure, leisure, play, resistance).

35 See Martin and Talpade Mohanty, op. cit. 36 De Certeau, op. , pp. 118–20. De Certeau borrows the tour/map distinction from Linde and Labov’s study of apartment descriptions by New York residents: ‘spatial networks as a rite for the study of language and thought’, Language, 51 (1975), pp. 924–39… 37 The motel was in fact built by a couple whose family had known Henry Parkes in his heyday, but well before he was knighted. So the motel is named simply the Henry Parkes, in order to represent appropriately the nature of the family connection.

The ST said, harriedly. ‘I don’t,’ I said glumly, ‘I just don’t. I can’t generalize, that’s my problem. I can’t wrap up my observations in a dazzling conclusive verbal sachet. After all, travel is a damned expensive way to arrive at inconclusiveness…’32 He hurries on past, however—eventually to end in mid-sentence, muttering inconclusive comments about Boswell and street crime, to a politely bored bar. III BILLBOARDS It was some 180 metres from the site of this Motor Inn on the 24th October 1889 that Sir Henry Parkes whilst Colonial Secretary and Past Member for Tenterfield made his famous and historic federation speech resulting in the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia.

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