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Or maybe, just maybe, this person has gotten incredibly lucky. He has not been harmed—yet. But one day According to folklore, he may make a mistake, and when witches sometimes keep that happens a demon may turn on pets that are actually dehim—possibly leading to eternal tormons in disguise. These pets ment in the afterlife. ” Many people who consider themselves occult experts hold this view. Psychics, mediums, and other spiritualists tend to be wary of demons. They shy away from anything demonic, and they warn newcomers to the field to do the same.

We look into their eyes. As part of the exorcism, at specific times during the prayers, holding two fingers on the patient’s eyes we raise the eyelids. ” A person who is possessed in this manner may do inhuman things. In one case, says Amorth, “I saw a child of 11 held down by four strong men. ” Another time, he recalls, “A boy of 10 lifted a huge, heavy table. Afterwards I felt the muscles in the boy’s arms. ” Some people scoff at accounts like these. They say that Amorth and others who believe in demonic possession are fanatical and deluded.

I have no doubt that to confirm. computer demons exerted an influence on them,”30 he explains. 44 Associating with Demons No one will ever know for sure whether Peasboro’s claims are valid. But true or false, his ideas sum up some common assumptions: Demons are evil and deceptive. They wish bad things upon people. Interacting with them is dangerous, and sometimes it leads to disastrous consequences. Despite this danger, however, someone is always willing to take the risk. In every culture and every age, people have tried their best to make contact with demons.

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