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By E.L. Cooper, A. Beschin, M. Bilej (editors)

This quantity first offers facts for the earthworm's immune approach; the consequences strongly recommend that yes molecules of the earthworm's immune method could be exploited as traditional antibiotics - hence the biomedical purposes. Earthworms have a powerful immune approach for the reason that melanoma can't be brought about in them, nor does it appear to happen in usual populations. Cytoxicity of melanoma cells has been tested on the subject of earthworm leukocytes established upon: constitution; phone differentiation antigens; and serve as published via FACS and mAbs.

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3 um), although there are few granules, they still fill the cells completely (Fig. 1). 6 um. 8 um) sometimes appeared homogeneous and have no granulation. 8 um) are located either centrally or peripherally, and appeared flattened. The nucleoli are not visible. Two enzymes were detected in neutrophil cells: acid phosphatase in low to moderate frequency, distributed diffusely in discrete granules throughout the cytoplasm and alkaline phosphatase moderately as deep blue cytoplasmic granules (Fig. 2A).

Three enzymes are demonstrated in the cytoplasm of basophils: acid phosphatase, which is present in large amounts, alkaline phosphatase as deep blue granules of different sizes, but to lesser extent (Fig. 2B) and a-esterase mainly as brown granules (Fig. 2C, Table 1). Basophils also contain significant amounts of the enzyme acid phosphatase in discrete granules or vesicles that are presumed to be lysosomes. Using electron micrographs, large (4-6 |um) acid phosphatase-positive vacuoles were found in basophils and neutrophils of L.

F. ), Invertebrate Blood Cells, Academic Press, New York (1981) 75-140. H. Marks et al, Chemotactic attraction of Lumbricus terrestris coelomocytes to foreign tissue, Dev.

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