Download e-book for kindle: Atlas of Comparative Sectional Anatomy of 6 invertebrates by Géza Zboray, Zsolt Kovács, György Kriska, Kinga Molnár,

By Géza Zboray, Zsolt Kovács, György Kriska, Kinga Molnár, Zsolt Pálfia

This atlas comprises 189 colored photographs taken from transversal, horizontal and sagittal sections of 11 organisms known in collage educating. Six invertebrate and 5 vertebrate species – from the nematode malicious program (Ascaris suum) to mammals (Rattus norvegicus) – are proven in precise images.Images exhibit pictures taken from unique arrangements and 3D pictures at the enclosed CD. learning the macrosections with unaided eyes, with an easy magnifier or binocular microscope could be of significant support to complete conventional anatomical reports and to set up a definite spatial experience/space perception.This quantity can be of serious curiosity for biology scholars, researchers and academics of comparative anatomy. it might probably act as assisting fabric of functional classes. moreover, scientific practitioners, agricultural experts and researchers having an curiosity in comparative anatomy may also take advantage of it.

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Cavum interlamellare cavum palili canalis epibranchialis afferens sinus branchlalis "urinary bladder" ventriculus cordis Figure 19. Transversa l sectio n of the animal (female) at th e plane of th e heart and th e kidn ey (organ of Bojanus) , made by saw. Th e outer gills are full of glochidia. See also figure 20. Anterior view. (+-) lateralts d ext ra branchia mantle skirt t~ ---- pallium conc ha - - I kidneys (organa Bojani) canalis epibranchialis "urina ry bladder" t y phloso le of the hindg ut cavum pericard ii "'" 00 hypostracum concha~ pallium ventra l siphon ggl.

Section of the snail shell and visceral sac inside (made by saw). In the sections of the midgut appendix predominates the picture. Anterior view. f---_ penis vestibulum mm. traneversa lee vagina nervi ggl. suboesophageale ductus deferens Figure 31. Horizontal section of the body in the region of the pharynx, above the genital aperture. Razor blade section. Dorsal view of the ventral part of the body. f;. 1'. t, I 1'- ,\ bursa copulatrix kidney pericardium (surface) pulmo ductus bursae copulatrix spermoviductus.

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