Popular Culture in England, c. 1500–1850 - download pdf or read online

By Tim Harris

As scholarly curiosity in pop culture has grown, an increasing number of British and American universities were introducing classes in pop culture, now noticeable as a vital point of old research. This quantity solutions the necessity for a publication concentrating on England (unlike Peter Burke's pop culture in Early sleek Europe (1978), and over a extensive period of time (unlike Barry Reay's pop culture in Seventeenth-Century England (1985)), for you to fulfil it truly is goal of attractive either to experts and scholars coming new to the topic. Tim Harris has assembled a really robust group of individuals who will make certain a really vigorous and engaging selection of essays.

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When taking on board these critical reflections, we must be careful not to lose sight of the fact that there clearly was a considerable degree of cultural conflict between the upper layers of society (those in positions of power and authority) and the subordinate classes. There undoubtedly were attempts to reform the traditional culture of the masses in early modern England, and the culture of the non-elite was certainly transformed in many significant respects during this period, as the researches of Wrightson, Malcolmson and others have shown.

We might therefore expect to find that football would be especially popular in areas such as the Wiltshire and Dorset downlands, with their nucleated villages and sheep-corn economies, and this is indeed what we do find. But it was played in town as well as country - Shrove Tuesday was a popular date for urban contests - in arable and pasture regions alike. 29 38 Popular Culture in England, c. 1500-1850 The other kind of football was more structured. There were numerous local variants, of which camp-ball, played throughout East Anglia, is the best known.

This pattern of survival is evident 36 Popular Culture in England, c. 1500-1850 in Catholic enclaves like that on the Wiltshire-Dorset border, and in parts of Yorkshire as well as Lancashire. Richard Shanne, the Methley yeoman who recorded the rich, ancient culture of his Yorkshire parish, was himself a papist. But to say this is simply to push the need for explanation one stage further, for we still have to ask why Catholicism was so resilient and so important an element in the culture of these districts.

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