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By John B. Lyons, Wallace A. Bothner, Barry L. Doolan, Norman L. Hatch, Robert H. Moench, Rolfe Stanley(auth.)

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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

This traverse around the Northern Appalachians from the environs of Burlington, Vt. to Portsmouth, N.H. (fig. 1) demonstrates a geology which displays the subsequent tectono-metamorphic and/or magmatic occasions: 1) Grenvillian (Precambrian Y) orogeny, most sensible visible within the Adirondack Mountains of northeastern big apple, but additionally obvious within the cores of the fairway Mountain and Lincoln massifs of west-central Vermont and the Chester-Athens and Sadawga-Rayponda domes of southeastern Vermont; 2) Avalonian (Precambrian Z) orogeny, evidenced by means of the Massabesic Gneiss and comparable rocks of southeastern New Hampshire; three) Taconian (Mid-Ordovician) tectonism and metamorphism (the Taconic Mountains of western Vermont and jap long island lie instantly south of our line of traverse); four) Acadian orogeny (Early to center Devonian) - truly the key tectonic, magmatic, and metamorphic occasion during this area, and top illustrated by way of geologic kinfolk in New Hampshire and Maine; and five) Mesozoic rifting, followed by way of the emplacement of ring-dikes and shares of the White Mountain (Jurassic and Cretaceous) plutonic-volcanic complexes, mainly in New Hampshire (figs. 2 and 3). to not be visible are a few Mississippian (325 Ma.) plutons of jap New Hampshire and western Maine, and a Permian (275 Ma.) intrusive of south-central New Hampshire. The latter age is interesting, since it is the same to that of granite slicing the Carboniferous (Westphalian) Narragansett Basin of southeastern New England, which was once deformed and metamorphosed in the course of the Alleghenian orogeny.


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The marker horizons of volcanic origin which garnet inclusions in albite and suggested by numerous chlorite smears on the foliation surfaces. will be visited are: 1) amphibolitic greenstone (top); 2) calcareous greenstone; and 3) feldspathic greenstone (bottom). The feldspars in the unit coring the anticline are STOP U-8: HAZENS NOTCH FORMATION (CZh) Carbonaceous quartz-albite-white-mica-ehlorite schists phenocrysts; however, the hornblendes in the upper unit appear to be porphyroblasts. The continuity of these three of the Hazens Notch fonnation are exposed at the units within the Tibbit Hill suggests that the three marker covered bridge.

Julien, 1982) in this part of the orogen. REGIONAL SETTING OF THE LAMOILLE RIVER TRANSECT The Lamoille River transect lies near the axis of the Quebec reentrant (Rankin, 1976; Figure 1). ). In comparison to the New York promontory and the comparable sections in the central and southern Appalachians, the rocks exposed in the Taconic hinterland of the Quebec reentrant have been less severely affected by mid- to late-Paleozoic deformation. In addition, the present day exposures in the reentrant show significant north-south variation in the erosional level of the orogen.

The complex is in fault contact with albitic gneiss and carbonaceous rusty members of the Hazens Notch formation. The emplacement history of the complex and the subjacent metasedimentary units involves both east-over-west transport and west-overeast backfolding in a continuous early defonnation phase (Gale, 1986; Fig. 2-4B and 2-4C). We will examine the textural and structural relationships of the serpentinite and if time permits, the underplated Belvidere Mountain complex. To the north at Tillotson Peak, the Belvidere Mountain complex preserves the only known occurrences of blueschist and eclogite in the Appalachians (Bothner and Laird, 1987).

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